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Like a seed deep in the soil, in the dark, in the unknown, it learns to trust. And then an impulse, a movement,

the next step will come...

What is the heart? A flower opening.

~ Rumi

About Us


Padma Blooms is an expressive-energy healing studio, which offers individualized sessions that help you connect with your body, spirit, and emotions, creating a deep transformational healing and profound well-being at every level.


Through the combining of different expressive and energy modalities, you will be guided through the process of connecting to your inner knowing, activating your self-healing properties, and the unfolding of your dormant capabilities. Be ready to unleash your life force.


Out of love, devotion and...



Founder, Director & Practitioner


Alejandra Torres is the founder and director of PADMA BLOOMS, an expressive-energy healing studio, located in Miami, Florida. She is an integrative spirituality practitioner that offers tailored programs globally. 


Alejandra’s educational background is in social science and includes areas of study in psychology, philosophy and sociology, with several advanced certifications in spiritual, energy-healing and contemplative practices, as well as dance and expressive methods. 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and starting out her career as a successful model, she became a spokesperson for national and international television commercials. Traveling the globe working in media and public...



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